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    Learn Every Aspect of Website Design with the Best Web Designing Training Company

    Creativity and skill are the two most significant elements that you need when you are stepping forward to web designing. Websites have become an integral part of any business house and that’s why learning web designing is one of the best ideas you have ever had. With proper web designing training, you can design and develop responsive as well as parallax websites on your own. Due to the massive requirement of code-minimized websites, the requirements of web designing courses have also increased.

    Content to Learn After Getting into the Web Designing Training

    When it comes to learning web designing techniques in a detailed way, there are some important modules that must be followed. You can see those modules stated in the section below.

    Modules for For 6 Weeks Training

    You can have a brief about the web designing that can help you get a basic idea about it. The elements that you are going to learn here are mentioned in the following section.

    1. Introduction to HTML/XHTML, CSS
    2. Learning XHTML tags and structure
    3. Cross Browser Compatibility with the pixel match technology.
    4. Learning CSS with its latest version
    5. HTML5 and CSS3
    6. PSD to XHTML conversion of Web Template by following several tactics
    7. Dropdown menu creation
    8. Image sliding on the web page

    With the 6 weeks of training, you can learn all the elements that will help you to enter the web designing world.


    Modules for For 3 Months Training

    There are certain aspects that you will get from the 3 months training plan as mentioned in the section below.

    Module 1

    • Introduction to the requirement of the design
    • Photo retouching with different applications
    • Application of creativity
    • Color theory
    • Typography

    Module 2

    It includes only the distribution of the projects among different students as per their requirements.

    Module 3

    • Editing of Digital Still Image
    • Filters, Layers (modes) and Action
    • Designing for Mobile Devices/Tablets
    • CMS based design
    • Image optimization for use in web pages
    • logo design and amendment

    Module 4

    • Fundamental concepts of HTML, XHTML and CSS
    • PSD to XHTML conversion of Web Template, using Div formats and CSS

    Module 5

    • Introduction to JavaScript
    • Events and Objects
    • Form Validation using JavaScript
    • Introduction to JQuery
    • JQuery image slider
    • JQuery CSS

    This is all that you will get from the 3 months of web designing training from our company. You can prepare yourself for becoming a better web designer with these training modules.


    Modules for For 6 Months Training

    Module 1 – Design Website and Mobile Template

    From briefing on internet basics to color theory, this module includes everything that relates to the initial stage of web designing. You will also learn the typography and graphics manipulation in this module.

    Module 2 – Introduction to HTML and HTML5

    There are many things that you’ll learn in this module. HTML and HTML5 are the primary elements of web designing. Starting from the very basic to the advanced level of coding in HTML is covered in this section.

    Module 3 – Introduction to CSS and its Latest Version

    In this module, you will get to know the styling of different elements of web pages. Without knowing the styling, you can never become a successful web designer. Thus, it’s a very important module in the entire web designing training.

    Module 4 – Learn the Use of External Resources

    Designing a website includes many things and you cannot complete the design without a proper utilization of external resources. Therefore, with the use of external resources, that you’ll learn in this module, you can enhance your web design and enjoy a faster coding experience.

    Module 5 – Introduction to Bootstrap Framework to Make Responsive Websites

    Once you learned the CSS with the external resources, the next thing will be the use of the framework. Bootstrap is one of the many useful frameworks that allow users to easily customize their websites. To make the websites compatible and responsive to all devices, the Bootstrap framework is needed. You‘ll learn it all here.

    Module 6 – W3C Validation, XHTML Rules, and Browser Compatibility

    After full utilization of the frameworks, you can design a web page that is compatible with all the devices irrespective of their screen sizes. Learn XHTML rules, along with the DOCTYPE validation through W3C live site in this module.

    Module 7 – Basics of JavaScript and Implementing JQuery

    You can learn the basics of JavaScript and implement it on the website in this module. Here, you’ll even get to learn the JQuery implementation on the websites.

    Enroll yourself with Us to Get 100% Placement After Completing the Web Designing Course

    Whenever you complete the web designing training, you will start working on live projects. Here, you can enhance your skills in a more challenging way. Apart from the training, you’ll also get the opportunity to work under Sr. Website designers. Here, you will also get industrial training, summer training, internship programme to complete your website designing.

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