The user interface team at Irvine Digital Media is as elite as it gets. We have got an eclectic mix of talented working professionals set apart from the rest of their peers by their distinct sharp analytical and development skills.


  • Talk to the clients and collect insights into their requirements and needs, note the areas that might be needing some research, design, or test
  • Set the target audience and observe their interest patterns, analyze the traffic to the client site and study its nature and inclination. Decide what our clients need based on the kind of traffic and develop the site accordingly in collaboration with the designers and engineers
  • Map the user experience paths
  • Design the site template based on the results of the research on user-base and client needs
  • Test the user-experience in real-time with real users- note where the inefficacies arise while the usage and sort them out
  • Discuss the results of the real-time user experience with the web development team and come up with executable ideas to sort out glitches
  • Work collaboratively with all the teams involved in the development of the site and ensure prompt delivery of accurate work
  • Know each client and keep tabs on each of their requirements and urgencies
  • Maintain cost-efficiency
  • Get regular feedback from the client through direct communication and keep track of work hours
  • Develop a broader understanding of the project as well as the client’s aspirations, goals, and expectations from it during the project duration and after it
  • Exhibit a good understanding of the client’s vision for their project, their goals, their business aims and objectives, plus their clients and partners
  • Ensure that the user experience is smooth and hassle-free while not compromising functionality and business profitability


  • We are seeking an experience of 3+ years of user experience and designing, preferably within an agency of moderate repute
  • A good command on optimal workshop, Google Analytics, and UX pin plus a deep understanding of user preferences would be preferable
  • Good communication skills and an ability to collaborate with and engage clients and stakeholders is a must