Virtually everything and anything in the world run and governed by online platforms is digitalized. Your digital presence is what ups your ante in any business. We promise to bring the expertise of our two lead strategists on the table for your business lineaments. Our strategists equipped with over forty years of working experience in the industry understand the situations governing business scalability across digital platforms and possess an ingrained knowledge of real-time market scenarios spanning different domains like private and public sector, retail markets, media and hospitality, and engineering and defense services.

They know the market like it were their own and are capable of framing and articulating all disjoint aspects of a good business strategy into one. Their huge knowledge base of the finances and economics of a business combined with latest market approaches and proclivities help your business evolve the best digital strategy for your customized needs. From initial investments to future returns, from the potential scale of expansion to favorable market conditions to undertake one, they have it all covered. They take time out to know and infer your business operations so you can reduce costs while putting your best foot forward to the dynamic digital space.

Adam and Dave, as we like to call the duo are both prolific in their own stations. Adam, the MD of Irvine Digital Media has had the experience of running and managing successful business strategies for business heavyweights for a good forty years as a business analyst. He knows his clientele and the circumstances of their business and it is this ability that aids the curating of the ingenious ideas and plans for new innovative strategies. He has been with the Irvine Digital Media from the very first day of its operation and has seen us outgrow our own estimated potentials. He seeks to spread all the knowledge that the tough years in the business have taught him and put it to maximum use while devising new strategies for the clients.

Dave McRobbie, the second of our mighty duo works with a label of Strategic Director but his expertise expanding across multiple dimensions qualifies him to easily be our expert generalist. Holding a mammoth twenty years of experience of dealing with tough clients and situations, Dave upholds the motive of engaging with the stakeholders in business and helping his clients optimize their internal sales and operations.
Both our digital strategic experts believe in working in close collaborations with the clients, in their very teams, as per their requirements and are known for prompt analysis of strategies and reporting of results.

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