Chatbots are text based interfaces for communicating with an automated process or robot. They can take the form of simple Q & A all the way to an artificial intelligence which can understand natural language, intent and context and can learn the more they converse with you. We are already surrounded by them; Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant are all chatbots.



There are more than 1.2 billion active monthly users of messaging apps like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. Users like to instantly chat conversationally with their friends and family and are increasingly engaging with brands, products and services in this way.

The average open rate of a subscription-type email in 2017 was 24%; in a messenger app it was 88%. Seemingly people are getting tired of the constant stream of email newsletters which drop into their inbox, more often than not going unopened – and with messenger marketing via Facebook being relatively new, using it can create first mover advantage (FMA) amongst your competitors.

You can learn so much information about your subscriber via Facebook Messenger; their age, gender, location, favourite band, where they like to eat… And for users to be able to instantly engage in conversation with a chatbot, in comparison to previous time scales of anything from hours, to days, to months between email exchanges, offers endless opportunities.


We build chatbots using a range of different platforms, dependant on the needs of your users and organisation. The ease of use of some platforms to create chat content varies, while some integrate easily with external systems.

We are proud to be partners of Microsoft and use the Microsoft Bot Platform for our most complex chatbots. The artificial intelligence (AI) behind most chatbots uses ‘machine learning’, a technique which learns through a combination of trial, error and data. The more data you can feed an AI the more it can teach itself and develop. Positioned at the peak of a tidal wave of distributed data with millions of gigabytes of photos, videos, statuses, messages, emails, health data and banking data being shared every minute, time is of the essence to capitalise on these emerging tech opportunities.

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